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Pimpy C

Any idea where their 'targeted database of music fans' is coming from?

Unless there's more detail you can provide, I read this new company as:

Go to musicxray.com
Pay me $5
I'll send your MP3 out to my E-mail list

Mike McCready

@ Pimpy C - Jay Frank is a serious guy. He would not have left his position at Viacom to run some sort of company that's not going to get any traction. "Get on board or get left behind" is my advice.

Pimpy C

Hey more power to him, but you can't argue that the business model is mighty vague at this stage in the game.

But hey - @digsin has 276 followers, so maybe you're right about the traction ;)

Charles Alexander

Wow, really? Jay is a good guy but until we know a bit more about the business model, it's fair to be cautiously optimistic.

People enter and leave companies for a whole bunch of reasons. They may or may not be related to the potential traction the new venture may gain. At any rate, I wish Jay the best. I just need a bit more convincing before i jump.

I'm with Pimpy C.

Read Ian Roger's post on Trusted Brands that's up here now at HypeBot. Very enlightening.


There's no information, no TOS, no pricing, no introduction, no examples, no tutorial video, nothing really to make me sure it's a reliable platform yet. I trust Music XRay, they have a great & supportive team also pay when it's earned, but in case of DigSin, well... They are coming out not really prepared. Either you have an offer ready and it's all clear on the official website, or you wait until you can come out. Besides, I've seen that twirl sign a few times so far, it'll be difficult to trademark the logo ;)

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