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A Lot Of Facebook Users Don’t Like New Features [SURVEY]

image from month after the launch of new features I asked, "Did Facebook Just Pull A MySpace?". Now a new survey has confirmed that, at least for some, they have. In fact, 56% of Facebook users who noticed the new features said they dislike them vs. 36% who like them, in the new poll. For many it's about privacy, but for others the dislike comes from clutter and information overload.

34% of respondents who use Facebook less than once a week were even aware of the new features, but 87% of those polled who use it daily noticed the new features.

26% of daily Facebook users said they were "very concerned" about privacy, according to the USAToday/Gallup poll,  compared with 35% who use the social network once a week, and 39% for less frequent users.

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  1. According to Alexa…
    Facebook page views are down 15% for the last three months. That’s 18% for regular users. Bounce rate is up 25%, which means, people are checking in and then leaving, without going any deeper into the site. Total time on site is down 13%.
    It does appear as though the silent majority has spoken… with their feet.

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