MC Lars On DIY Success & Making A Living In Music [VIDEO]

This guest post is by Bob Baker of www.TheBuzzFactor.com

image from www.mclars.comSince 2006, hip-hop artist MC Lars has been a poster boy for indie music success and the DIY work ethic. After a short-lived relationship with Terry McBride and the Canadian record label/management company Nettwerk five years ago, Lars formed his own label, Horris Records. Since then, he has taken his self-described "post-punk laptop rap" and delivered it to a target audience he calls the "iGeneration" — kids born between 1982 and 2000.

A couple of months ago I sent my assistant and ace correspondent Kendra Wright to the St. Louis date on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. There she sat down with MC Lars and captured his thoughts on his approach to a DIY music career, making money as an indie musician, his advice for new artists, and much more.

Here are the first two video excerpts from that great interview:

MC Lars Interview, Part 1

MC Lars Interview, Part 2

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