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Mark Carras

So I'm trying to write a review of a band. I have their physical cd they have spent money to send me. While listening to the cd I go to check out their website. I get blasted with their extremely outdated auto-play. Sure that was cool in the 90's, but the web has grown. Try and grow with it. Stop auto-play!

Chris Bauer

David Nevue wrote in his book "How to Promote Your Music on the Internet" years ago not to use autoplay for all of the above reasons. All good reasons too!



Not a fan of any site that has something that automatically comes on. I generally close the browser immediately. It's annoying can be jarring. I like the option to play a song or play a video. Never mind everyone surfing the net doesn't always have the most up to date comp to surf from some there's all kinds of mayhem that can occur when opening a website. it's important think firstly about the experience of the visitor. That's what's most important. It's not about what you like in this situation. It's about what your potential fan would like. First impressions are lasting ones. It applies to the internet too.



I 100% agree with these comments. Music on a musicians site is a must. Auto-play a must-not.


Allen Tate

I preach the same thing to anyone who will listen! Nothing like having the crap scared out of you when you get that unexpected blast of sound punch you in the face!


Thanks for the insights! I'm a dad working on my daughters site and never thought about the auto-play as a distraction... but now I do!
My question: would you turn off auto play on the landing page and then keep it 'on' the other pages?

David Dufresne

Hey Tim, ideally I'd remove auto-play off from all your pages.

Having a music or video player auto-start on the MUSIC page could be seen as less of an offence (because, hey, you clicked on Music, so here it is), but I still think you should let people click "play" themselves.

David Dufresne

Oh, and come build that site on Bandzoogle, we'll make your life super easy. Check out our free ebook for more advice: http://bit.ly/XeGNXx

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