PledgeMusic Partners With Nimbit To Launch PledgeStore

image from www.google.com(UPDATE 2) Music fan funding site PledgeMusic has partnered with direct to fan sales and marketing platform Nimbit to create PledgeStore.  The store, powered by Nimbit, is designed to give PledgeMusic artists the ability sell direct to fans and generate additional funding after their fundraising campaign has ended.

image from www.google.comPledgeMusic artists can signup for the free Nimbit PledgeStore, from within their dashboard and when they reach their campaign goal the store will appear on their PledgeMusic page to provide fans with more ways to support the artist and access more music.

PledgeStore Features

  • Sell digital singles, digital albums, and eTickets
  • Flexible pricing:  fixed price, pay what you want, or reward fans with free tracks
  • Promote and share music on Facebook and Twitter
  • Customizable storefronts for Facebook, Nimbitmusic.com and artist websites
  • Distributed Fan comments/reviews: a fan comment made on any Nimbit Store appears throughout all Nimbit storefronts as well as a posting on Facebook Newsfeeds
  • Detailed sales and fan activity reporting and grouping, with fan mapping to understand geographical hot-spots
  • Integrated Next Big Sound reporting to monitor fans, followers, plays, views, and comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Wikipedia

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