REPORT: What The Second Decade Of Digital Music Will Look Like [SLIDES]

image from www.google.comGlobal marketing and communications giant J. Walter Thompson works to keep major brands like Bayer, Ford, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Shell and Unilever ahead of the curve.  In a new study, they concluded that in 2011 "we got a clearer glimpse of what the second decade of digital music will look like – and it’s quite different from the first in many ways." The result is a broad and insightful report: "Things To Watch: Music Edition"

"We’ll be accessing, discovering and sharing music in new ways, changes that are happening just as listening gets suddenly more social," according to the new JWT report. "Meanwhile, engaged audiences have new expectations, and artists have new tools at their disposal." Take special note of the contributions from several of those you see featured regularly on Hypebot and MusicThinkTank like Kyle Bylin and Bruce Warila.

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