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Wells Baum

The quality of music is declining.

I say that because every November, I typically have about 150 songs queued up as candidates for my end of year mix. This year, there’s less than 30 songs in my playlist.

The business of streaming is destroying music creation.

On the whole, people are incentivized to create music simply out of passion. BUT passion only goes so far when the economics don’t work out.

The shift from CDs to downloads was bad enough; the shift from downloads to streams means that a musician/band can’t survive on record sales. Simple case and point: it takes at least 100 Spotify streams to equal 1 iTunes download.

For the past 5 years, the Internet has opened the doors to musicians to create, market, and distribute a world of music on the cheap only to find out they’re brand building efforts are not sellable.

The ease of creation has crowded the music market, and compounded by lower royalties on streams, musicians are completely discouraged from following their passion and producing good work.

The rise of cloud music lockers also negatively affects music consumption, to the point where music consumers are confused between which service to use and where and and how they’re going to play back their collection.

Such morass in music marketing and music consumption puts the industry at a dead end to which only Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and high tech music listeners will survive.


Whoever has the most exposure and connections to that exposure will be the most profitable. Of course, musicians can also make money playing live. With unique album packaging, t-shirts, and limited edition items they, too, can turn a profit. Yes, the easy days of making money from music is over, but that doesn't mean making money from music altogether is over.

Free album download at www.facebook.com/chancius

Catherine Hol

@Chancius - I don't know about this 'profiting' from playing live thing ... in these recessionary times a lot of people aren't going to gigs, and a lot of venues aren't paying much to bands. Many areas have a 'pay to play' situation. Maybe it's different where you are?


You are absolutely right! This whole idea of making music rom playing live is BS. Well said.

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