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Malachai Johns

With the role of the manager becoming ever more important, should one expect that the 15 - 20% average commission range will increase?

Pimpy C

A 50/50 net profit split with the artist is a fair argument in the new model.

Malachai Johns

I would agree. Is that a precedent that you've seen, or just your opinion?

Pimpy C

I've seen it in a few instances where the management company is also set up as a label - where they are fronting or splitting costs incurred like CD manufacturing, distribution, website/fanclub maintenance, etc.

Matthew Downes

My business is thinking the opposite. We charge the artist by the hour with our primary function of helping artists save money or make money. This enables the artist to control costs and maximize it if/when they "break".



noi way guys.

Artist shoudl not becuase the actual cost of pressing CDS is only 2-4000 of immediate pressing.

you can also raise money to help press. If artist are being created from scratch i suggest 50/50. But that means mgmt is doing press, radio and almost everything.


Clyde Smith

I've got to agree with Kosha Dillz on this one.

50/50 seems excessive unless you're doing almost everything yourself as opposed to paying others and then taking half of what's left.

Scott Fagan

The new paradigm for artists and the music business is interesting and exciting. However as an artist who has been mis-managing his career for over thirty years, it has become completely clear (even to me) that I need someone to actually "manage" my music publishing, my little record label, my catalog of theatricals and recordings, my gigs and appearances, my publicity and promotions and last but not least my tax obligations. I have been spectacularly ineffective at managing "the business" and after all, I have to focus on creating or the creating won't get done. So Please..Please..for goodness sake, somebody send along a competent and hard working manager. Here's my email scott (at) lilfish.com
Looking forward! Thank You.
Scott Fagan

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