The iPhone 4S, Apple’s Next Music Revolution & A Very Funny Duet With Siri [VIDEO]

image from www.google.com(UPDATED) The iPhone 4S is flying off the shelves, in part because of Siri, the voice app that answers questions, schedules appointments and replys to texts. But Siri will also works with music. Soon, when connected with music services like Shazam and Spotify (as in this integration with task manager Remember The Milk), Siri could revolutionize music.  "Most people don't care about individual apps – they care about the problems they solve…," wrote Kyle Bylin in Billboard, "(Siri) removes even thinking about apps from the equation – and makes them work more like iPhone features than pieces of software." Until that happens, we're all stuck just talking to Siri, unless you're Jonathan Mann who recorded a very funny duet with her… it is it, with it…

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