The Music Industry Remembers Steve Jobs

image from graphics8.nytimes.com(UPDATED) Steve Jobs changed the music business forever. He pushed labels towards digital and forced them to embrace single track sales. By creating amazingly designed and integrated delivery platforms and devices, Steve Jobs brought that vision to the masses. His passing unleashed a torrent of genuine affection from a usually cynical industry.

will.i.am: "#youchangetheworld we lost a great innovator…steve jobs designed a whole new world…he will be missed…" and "plant these apple seeds for steve jobs…so we can grow more more genius's"

Coldplay: Just learned the terrible news of Steve Jobs' passing. What an incredible, inspiring life. Changed the world in so many ways. RiP Steve. R42"

Mark Zuckerberg: "Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you."

Moby: "So very, very, very sad that steve jobs died so young. His death is our huge loss. Very sad."

Terry McBride: "Steve Jobs. You changed my life."

Panos Pany, Sonicbids: "Steve Jobs. You changed my life."

Seth Goldstein, turntable.fm: "i was 10 when john lennon died. the loss of steve jobs will have a similar impact on my 9 & 12 year old boys. infinite loop forever."
Big Champagne: "Steve Jobs passed away. My life and work in technology began with the first Mac. Steve signed his name in the mold. It's on my desk."

Bill Werde, Billboard: "before Steve jobs digital music was an all night rave. (napster era)"

Jim Donio, NARM: "Eight and a half years ago when he introduced the iPod and iTunes to the music industry and the world, the implications were transformative and we all knew things would never be the same. I submit that it's likely there may never be anyone quite like Steve Jobs.

Our feeble attempt.

How will you remember Steve Jobs and his impact on music?

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  1. Steve Jobs was a TRUE innovator. the people running the music business know NOTHING about innovation.

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