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Vimeo Teams With Audiosocket, Free Music Archive For Video Music Store

Vimeo-loggo Vimeo's recently launched Music Store provides free music for noncommercial videos, low-cost tracks ($1.99) for use on personal videos and commercially priced tracks ($98.00) for commercial use. It's a service that makes sense for Vimeo to add and it might make a handful of musicians better off though the profits are in the aggregation.

Music Store Tutorial from Vimeo Staff

The Vimeo Music Store recently launched with music for videos provided by Audiosocket and Free Music Archive. It's a nice example of how commercially licensed music can benefit from being on the same platform as creative commons licensed music.

Audiosocket also seems to be powering the backend with its "Music as a Service" platform.

So should indie artists offer their music through Audiosocket? I'd be interested to hear reader response on the issue. And on the topic of offering music for free through such channels as Free Music Archive.

The FAQ includes the information that Vimeo editors will feature music but beyond that it's hard to see how one could effectively capture attention on the platform.  Might be a good next step to develop.

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  1. it is extremely hard to get placement in video and movies. if this really gives the unsigned artist that opportunity then this is a great opportunity. exposure is the name of the game.

  2. I’ve heard great things about Audiosocket and this is a huge win for them and I’m sure the vimeo film community. Gain exposure, make money, help filmmakers… sounds awesome!

  3. I am an avid fan of Audiosocket and Vimeo so it only makes sense that they would team up to do such a great thing for artists!

  4. it’s awesome for filmmakers as well to be able to actually use quality licensed stuff instead of having to either worry about take down notices or beg some friend’s band to score your stuff.

  5. IMO, anything that allows any artist to market their work directly is a positive. Putting the power in the hands of the people who create is what this kind of service is all about.
    So the answer to whether indie artists should offer their music through Audiosocket is a resounding yes.

  6. Audiosocket provides an effective and vital service to bands and labels with a catalog of music they are trying to get exposure for and hopefully to monetize. The music business is challenging and independents need a resource to enable their work. Audiosocket has been a real positive partner and I support their collaboration with Vimeo. This is a real exciting opportunity for independent bands and labels.

  7. Audiosocket since inception has been an innovative and dramatically improved system for artists and licensors to shake hands and exchange resources to fulfill creative goals. Kudos to the new Vimeo partnership which should expand the Audiosocket brand even further into the open spaces of digital production and licensing.

  8. It’s definitely worthwhile to offer music thru Audiosocket.
    Working with these folks has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve been with them since the very beginning and have nothing but great things to say about them. I will most certainly continue to work with them. The Vimeo partnership is just one of many reasons to do so.

  9. Ditto … Audio Socket offer a second to none service for Independent artists wanting to gain exposure for their music. Can’t recommend them enough. Don’t think twice, get aboard! Clyde – Glisten Music

  10. My band has been working with Audiosocket for 3+ years and since the Music as a service platform has launched, not only have our royalty checks increased every pay period, but our music sales have increased as well as concert attendance. Our overall awareness is up due to this platform. I can’t say enough positive things about Audiosocket to prospective artists looking to expand their musical reach and grow their revenue streams.

  11. As an online video producer/director, I have always struggled to find high quality music to include legally into my web videos. Stock music sites offer the right price, but the quality just isn’t there. I was surprised when I found Audiosocket, because they offer great music at a price that makes sense for web videos. It is awesome to hear that they have integrated with Vimeo to make it even easier to find music as well as getting money back to the artists.

  12. Brilliant and natural fit. Streamlining a pain point for me. Thanks, guys, for making this happen.

  13. As a start up company with limited resources, this announcement was perfect timing for us. We are in the works of creating a mini web video for our site and didn’t know exactly where to turn for quality yet affordable music to score it. Stumbled across the Audiosocket/Viemo announcement last week and *score timing!*. I was pleasantly surprised at the commercial cost (we can afford that!) and the strength of the music in their well organized search/tag system. And just by searching for the right song I’ve been discovering new artists along the way, so seems like a win-win-win match to me! My husband is an indie musician so I fully understand the struggles of finding outlets for exposure and being compensated for your work.

  14. this is a very valuable service for filmmakers, as it removes a ton of friction from the issue of music licensing, particularly for independent projects. as a dedicated vimeo user, i’m excited they’ve introduced functionality that removes a significant hurdle from the process. and of course audiosocket for building the platform in the first place.

  15. Audiosocket is all about the artists and finding new ways to monetize their work. The catalog is pristine unlike its competitors who take every and any submission leaving the search mechanics weak at best to find quality music. Congrats on Vimeo.

  16. This is good stuff.
    Artists and content users can and will be able to connect more and more in direct ways like this…with nothing more than a “platform” between them, as opposed to record labels, music publishers and armies of lawyers, accountants and managers…a model that doesn’t make sense if you’re a mom trying to put legal music to a video of your two year-old, or a small business owner trying to put legal music to a promo clip you want to post on YouTube.

  17. As an artist who has been on the revenue-receiving end of Audiosocket’s quest to place quality music in quality places, I wholly applaud this new partnership. It’s so so hard in today’s industry to generate income as a musician and the fact that Audiosocket is so forward-thinking makes me psyched to be on their team!

  18. Audiosocket has been so helpful placing my music in TV/Film, & this is just another exciting example of how they’re at the forefront of helping indie artists create revenue! I’m so happy to be part of their team & am thrilled about this new partnership!

  19. “Exposure is either something you die from, or something you get arrested for.”
    Perhaps it is indeed worthwhile. But I’m not initially excited about the suggested (by this article) $98 per placement.

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