4 Stats Prove Every Musician Needs A Mobile Strategy

image from www.google.comOn a panel at Billboard's Future Sound conference yesterday, MobileRoadie CEO Michael Schneider shared his view that every band and brand needs a mobile strategy that includes a mobile friendly site and/or an app. As proof, Schneider shared four incredible stats:

  • On average, we check our phones 150 times a day.
  • Four people are born a second; 39 mobile phones are sold a second.
  • There are presently 5.5 billion-plus mobile users — smartphones users comprise 21% of them.
  • iPhone users spend 90-plus minutes per day on apps.

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  1. But no stats on how people use apps or more interesting apps for bands… Then the info is useless…

  2. I think most people don’t search for new music on their phones, maybe through pandora, but even if I hear a new band on Pandora or a podcast I tend to check them out at home before I buy anything. My google analytics shows only 1-2% of visitors access from a mobile device. I have purchased music on my iPhone, but it was through iTunes, not a bands site. Just my two cents, although I do plan on releasing my next project to China’s mobile users first, my fans there have different habits.

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