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Wow! I was completely excited about this article from the first paragraph, but found myself completely disappointed by the $15,000 requirement. Ouch. That's a lot of dough to have to try and cough up for DIY artists!

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Graham Smith-White

I am sponsored by Artspire.

You don't need to have $15,000. You need to have a plan that requires it and a plan to come up with it that utilizes various plausible funding opportunities. Can you honestly say you can't figure out how to spend $15,000 on a project and come up with a professional budget for it? It does need to be slightly more respectable and thought out than, "I want to be famous!". This can be more thought than many DIY artists have given their activities, sure. This isn't for them. They have resigned themselves to a life of beer stained carpets and shady club owners. Creating a budget and thinking through all the stages of a project is something that is necessary for any professional in any field.

Adam Huttler

Congratulations to NYFA on launching Artspire!

One point of clarification: you mention Fractured Atlas and IndieGoGo, but there's no mention of the option to integrate the two, which has existed for nearly a year. Fractured Atlas sponsees can create IndieGoGo campaigns to raise tax-deductible contributions for their sponsored projects. In the first year, our artists raised over $1M on IndieGoGo campaigns! Best of all, Fractured Atlas covers the IndieGoGo fee, so there's no additional cost to participate.

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