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Billboard Names Top 10 Music Startups For 2011

image from Billboard's Glenn Peoples and ex-staffer Anthony Bruno joined forces to pick their Top 10 Music Startups For 2011. As we'll see in other 2011 "Best Of" lists, this one is heavy on apps and music discovery. Missing are emerging solutions in the direct-to-fan and live music sectors.  Most of the names will be familiar to Hypebot readers. Billboard's Top 10 Music Startups For 2011:

  1. – social music
  2. Moontoast – social commerce
  3. Schematic Labs – Soundtracking music app
  4. – fan acquisition
  5. 8Tracks – user generated net radio
  6. Songtrust – flat fee royalty collection
  7. Filter Squad – Discover music iPad app
  8. Superglued – location based music app
  9. Songza – "playlists for everything"
  10. – music discovery and sharing

Glenn People's startups to watch for 2012: Beyond Oblivion and ThingLink.

Who do you think is missing from this list of Top 10 Music Sartups For 2011?

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  1. I’m a big fan of Bandzoogle ( – I think 2012 might be the year artists can build a professional web presence that includes all the tools they need to engage and market WITHOUT hiring a web developer or worrying about the cost of maintenance and code updates.

  2. You can’t believe these lists as being the “BEST”…these are either paid endorsements or “friends”. Too many “WAY BETTER” music services are being left out, so do not take this list seriously.

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  4. Tony, thanks for the offer here. I signed up for an account. the username is clermontmusic. i am starting up this label with groups primarily from west africa at the moment. some of the music can be heard on another track by a different musician and in a different genre can be heard at a full website for clermontmusicrecordings is underconstruction. thank you very much for this help.
    chris a nolan

  5. Is a up and coming music startup that awards cash bi monthly to music artist, dancers, actors and many others. We ask that you check us out and tell us what you think.

  6. Songza has got to be my favorite one on there. SO BOMB!! Thanks for this list, these startups are really shaping the future of the music industry into something really exciting.

  7. Also, don’t forget . Awesome service that provides free music listening.

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