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Raymond Monner

TuneRights - a stock market for music


We'll be on this list soon :-)
http://localmusicvibe.com - Connecting Communities with Music
(Think Yelp of live music - When you're hungry for music near you)


audioms. get hip to it. sh*t is going to be HUGE.

Garnetta of SheFM (@musicgarnett)

The lists is missing SheFM.


I'm a big fan of Bandzoogle (http://bandzoogle.com) - I think 2012 might be the year artists can build a professional web presence that includes all the tools they need to engage and market WITHOUT hiring a web developer or worrying about the cost of maintenance and code updates.


Oops... That is, http://bandzoogle.com

Michael Bonner

I agree about TuneRights and BandZoogle. Also wasn't Headliner.fm around in 2010?


How is Earbits not in this discussion?

Works of Mart

I thought Legitmix looked pretty promising for DJs and Producers after reading this MIT review a couple of weeks back...haven't signed up yet but do plan on it as i work with a lot of samples in my work... http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/mimssbits/27294/

Lucho Molina

Next year, this startup could be on the list: http://myband.is - It's flavors.me for bands.


Twusic.com is missing too!
They got à brand new interface and amazin experience

Andrew Tyler

Spectralmind with music discovery app sonarflow - http://www.sonarflow.com

Manuel M.

I'm seconding Spectralmind with their awesome Sonarflow app!


Spectralmind with music discovery app sonarflow - http://www.sonarflow.com


Spectralmind and their visual music discovery tool sonarflow

Marv Barksdale

www.hydroshare.tv - A recently launched music destination for virally released albums/music videos with cloud based storage, analytics, & targeted advertising for artists participating in a product cycle involving a free album.

Stephen Gibson

You can't believe these lists as being the "BEST"...these are either paid endorsements or "friends". Too many "WAY BETTER" music services are being left out, so do not take this list seriously.

Tony Zeoli

8tracks now features the ability for labels to create branded pages. Join EDM labels like Audacious, Kompakt, Fade, and Ghostly. To set up a label page, simply sign up for an account at http://8tracks.com, and then email me with your user name. We will then turn on your label designation and your account will then have a "label" badge assigned to it. You can reach me directly at tonyz (at) 8tracks.com. Of course, all labels and genres are welcome, I just specifically work on the EDM market.


Tony, thanks for the offer here. I signed up for an account. the username is clermontmusic. i am starting up this label with groups primarily from west africa at the moment. some of the music can be heard on www.myspace.com/khairaarby. another track by a different musician and in a different genre can be heard at http://soundcloud.com/chrisanolan3/aballowdemopiece a full website for clermontmusicrecordings is underconstruction. thank you very much for this help.
chris a nolan


Showpill.com Is a up and coming music startup that awards cash bi monthly to music artist, dancers, actors and many others. We ask that you check us out and tell us what you think.


Songza has got to be my favorite one on there. SO BOMB!! Thanks for this list, these startups are really shaping the future of the music industry into something really exciting.

Greg Golebiewski

If you like Songza or 8Tracks, you should love BuyMyPlaylist.com We have more music than Spotify to play with.

Jeffrey Simon

Also, don't forget wob.io . Awesome service that provides free music listening.

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