BoomBotix Delivers Unique Ultraportable Mini Speaker

Bb1+Consumer electronics continues to be a sector of the music business that shows no sign of slowing down. New entries in the headphone market are seen almost yearly, and connectivity products like the iPhone and iPad continue to alter the way we consume and discover music. However, I recently came across one company that is taking aim at the portable speaker segment.

BoomBotix is a self-funded startup run by first-time entrepreneurs in San Francisco's Mission district. With roots in SF’s urban art and action sports scenes, BoomBotix fuses the worlds of alternative art and action sports to create an ultraportable, ultra-loud, and downright cool looking mini speaker. 

Capable of reaching levels as high as 94 dBs, this portable speaker (dubbed “BoomBot”) is housed in a durable and water resistant shell that includes a rear-facing clip, which makes it attachable to nearly anything. Power comes from a lithium ion battery (rechargeable through a standard USB cord) that holds a charge of 6-12 hours (depending on volume levels).

The “BB1” model uses a retractable 1/8-inch male auxiliary jack to plug into any music device with a headphone output including iPods, iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, and laptops. The Bluetooth-powered “BB2” model replaces the audio cable with 40 feet of wireless audio freedom, which makes the product quite versatile.

While the BoomBotix brand is tailored to the transient lifestyles of skate, bike and snow culture, their portable speaker system has many other useful applications. After testing the wireless BB2 model for a week, I’ve already found myself brining it with me to nearly every setting where I’d enjoy the use of a mini boombox – outside in the park, while doing household chores, and it’s been especially useful for sharing music with friends. 

The BoomBotix “BB1” model retails for $44.99- $54.99, while the wireless “BB2” model retails for $64.99. Both models come with a one year “no questions asked” warranty.

For more information on the product and on upcoming releases, head over to www.BoomBotix.com.

This post is by regular Hypebot contributor, musician, and music marketer Hisham Dahud (@HishamDahud)

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