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Error on song sharing - Ping is iTunes, not Amazon.

Chris Bracco

I think its also worth noting that the Google Music MP3's are 320kbps ... not sure what Amazon's are...anyone know offhand?

Chris Bracco

Ah, just noticed Bruce mentioned it briefly. It's not on the infographic, though.


256kbps VBR


And iTunes previews are now 90 seconds, not 30.

Bill Butler

Spotify, $10 per month. Done.


Spotify does not pay artists.... .04 cents per play or something rediculous.


.0003 is what they pay the LABELS.. so with a 12 percent royalty rate the artist would get .00036.. I bet that none of the execs at Spotify are working for "exposure" How about all of them work for free until the business is profitable for the content owners. It amazes me that noone gets that this is a terrible deal for everyone except for the owners of Spotify..

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256kbps VBR


Do sales on Google Music get reported to the charts?

Bruce Houghton

Yes sales are reported.


Amazon's Mp3's are 256kbps

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