Compare Google Music, iTunes & Amazon [CHART]

image from t2.gstatic.comGoogle Music left beta yesterday with a 320kps download store, free cloud storage and streaming, unique music sharing options, mobile payments and a direct to fan sales hub for indie artists. But how does the new Google Music compare to more established music offerings from Apple's iTunes and Amazon?  This chart from Huffington Post lays out the differences and similarities well:

image from i.huffpost.comvia Huffington Post

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  1. .0003 is what they pay the LABELS.. so with a 12 percent royalty rate the artist would get .00036.. I bet that none of the execs at Spotify are working for “exposure” How about all of them work for free until the business is profitable for the content owners. It amazes me that noone gets that this is a terrible deal for everyone except for the owners of Spotify..

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