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Such a silly trend lending itself to hipsterism more than anything else.


Please? "If you ask nicely, I'll explain my animosity towards Dinosaur Jr. in the comments"

Clyde Smith

Despite the fact that this tale makes me look a bit childish, here's what I pulled from the post because it was just running too long.


Every time people talk about treating your fans and potential fans with respect I think back to seeing Dinosaur Jr. at the Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill in the mid 80s, a club where I also saw incredible sets from such bands as Sonic Youth and Redd Kross.

Dinosaur Jr. was playing a lackluster set of music that did not seem that distinctive to me at the time and apparently the always rather hip crowd at the Cradle agreed. This seemed to anger J. Mascis who, at one point, angrily blasted the crowd, shouting something along the lines of "Wake up, Chapel Hill! They loved us in Austin!"

It cracks me up even now but, given that they didn't seem to be doing anything that I couldn't get from numerous other bands and that J. Mascis seemed like a petulant little punk, I never listened to anything from them again except for the above linked video for Over It, which I watched once when it came out and once for this post. Guess what, my opinion has not changed one bit!

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