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Justin Hersch

This misinformation of "censorship..." is over.

The time has come for Google and others to stop abusing artists.

Digital music will finally thrive when this Bill is passed.

Imagine people actually paying for digital music on a big level. HUGE!

John Horta

We as consumers need to quit buying crappy music and movies. See how that put YOU on your ear!

oil painting

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It seems unwise that SOPA included the provision about linking to infringing content, allowing people to label it an internet killer, when much of the bill would actually help fight piracy.

Pick your battles.

Jeff MacDougall

Even if this law doesn't screw up the internet (which it will) and succeeds in blocking "piracy" (which it won't), it still wouldn't get people to start paying for digital music. They'll just swap it with their friends using a thumb drive and that will be that. Generally speaking, people won't pay for something that doesn't cost anything to make.


Are you saying that recorded music doesn't cost anything to make? As a musician, I STRONGLY beg to differ.

That's not why people don't want to pay for music. They don't want to pay for it because they haven't had to since Napster, so their willingness to pay has gone down to 0. It's simple behavioral economics. It has nothing to do with how much it costs to make music and EVERYTHING to do with people's expectations.




Exactly! If this law was passed 10 years ago you wouldn't have a generation of people believing music and other intellectual property shouldn't be paid for.


I beg to differ there are high costs associated with the creation and distribution of digital music for a major artist. Piracy and infringement of media are SIGNIFICANTLY affecting the global economy via job losses, and loss of revenue in the BILLIONS.


Instead of SOPA and Protect IP bill, place a $5 to $10 on everyone's internet bill. Divide that up between the artists and movie makers. Leave the internet alone!!!

This way, the media would be able to distributed by users via P2P and websites. The media entities would make a killing and everyone would be happy. I'd be happy to pay that and download the media I want..


really? music doesn't cost anything to make? instruments are free? musicians don't have bills to pay? wow, just really... wow... guessing you're not a musician...

Andy Freist

Rob, that is a very interesting idea. I personally can't see the long term benefits of SOPA, considering that there is so much "baggage" that would come along with it. The SOPA act was not seeded by artists, and unfortunately I believe it is more geared towards saving the records label's profits and control over the industry rather than the artist's well being and financial ability to continue creating.

I encourage everyone to embrace the path and consequences that the digital age has led us to. Rather than fighting and resisting something inevitable such as piracy, perhaps there is a "higher" path to take. I propose that this seemingly undesirable beast known as piracy is actually a friendly force that is urging musicians and artists alike to start thinking and creating in ways that have not yet been done. For instance, a friend of mine which also happens to be a very popular underground electronic music producer from New Zealand, Tom Cosm, GIVES all of his music away for free. Yes, he gives it all away, completely bypassing the piracy issue and making happy fans. And yes, music is his full-time job. He is able to thrive because he has taken advantage of the need to be highly innovative. One example of this is that Tom has created a members-only section on his website, where members can easily download production tutorials, unreleased music, and all sorts of other goodies. The key is to give your fans more reasons to support you than just music. Evolution is urging us to expand, so we must expand! The sooner we embrace the change, the better. It is simply the difference between being a victim or taking advantage of a natural process in the progression of man and his relationship with the digital world. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.


I think projected losses of cost is the biggest load of crap I have ever herd. Music industry losses billions of dollars per year what a joke. Andy is right companys that have embraced evoloution are making huge amounts of money through digital medium legally!!!. SOPA is like destroying all cars that can go above the speed limit because it can.

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