Google Music Expands This Wed. Without Sony, WMG [Screenshots]

image from The invite I got last week from Google was only thinly disguised. Clearly a major music announcement is coming on Wednesday.  But Google has disappointed me before with less than stellar music launches. According to CNet, they're about to do it again with a Google Music expansion that doesn't include music from Sony or WMG. Universal is definitely apart of the launch, but even EMI's involvement is unclear.

The animosity between Google and the major labels runs deep, with rightsholders complaining that Google does not do enough to stem piracy in search and elsewhere. My sources also points to concerns over a limited song sharing feature that Google wants to add to the new service.

On Wednesday, we'll find out how Google plans to compete without a full compliment of record labels. I'm routing for the net giant, but I'm also prepared to be disappointed yet again.

UPDATE: Here are some screenshots of the new Google Music according to the The Verge.

image from

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