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I got a google music account set up without a distributor and it was free. I didn't pay $25.

Aaron Gibson

I paid the $25, but I didn't really look into it.


Bro If you are opening it up for the first time. They waive that.


This is what it says:
As their Artist Page explains, there is a one-time $25 fee for each artist, and then you can upload as many albums as you’d like. However, if the artist already exists in their database, the initial $25 fee is waived. Google will take 30% of each sale, just like iTunes and Amazon.


Oh and Another thing. I've heard thru the grapevine they are going to merge Google music directly with youtube. I don't know if you noticed new changes to youtube as a platform. But its comming. If they do it correctly. This would be huge. Since most people searching for music already go to youtube.


Chris is right -- I just created an account for my band "The Layaways." If you're already in Google's database, it waves the $25 fee.

Jos Smolders

The question is a good one. But in my opinion we shouldn't look at the music and/or the musicians when pondering Google's interest. Google isn't the least interested in music or musicians. That's not what their business is. I wrote a blog about this http://www.jossmolders.nl/?p=2757


So your going to put your music on some site and that site is going to change your world without a distributor. Got it. BTW in the other world music sales to stores are positive and that is in whole numbers infact billions to the promised nano cents the online services offer. One indie band with a decent distributor can sell at least 1000 units of a release during a 6 month tour/socialmedia campaign. Those that sell thousands of records, cds and what ever else your fans want tour, do radio and understand that no website will replace the multi-cogs that it takes to get your music to the masses.

For once could one of these "online music" sites do the artists bands labels and fans a solid and connect the clicks to bricks for the whole sale not just a 3 billion slice of a 27 billion dollar industry. What a concept Clicks to Bricks and sell to everyone everywhere and if your with a social conscience distributor they'll help you, your community or nonprofit group with the profits from the sales of your music .

IMHO Compensate the creators has to be the core of what is being offered because without it your selling wigits and some of us know that Music is Magic.


Now, the question is...how do they already have your information? I'm among the lucky who didn't have to pay but at the same time, there's another "Dave Owens" who's popped up recently and all of his albums pull up along with mine. How can I separate that? It's nothing against his music, but he's an older gentleman who does country music...quite different than mine. I've already had a few people tell me they've downloaded my "country" album and then realized it wasn't me at all. That can be quite frustrating...


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