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It reminds me of napster, I think theres just way too many sites out there to sue if it were to stop piracy.


Grooveshark have, despite repeated requests, failed to complete a licensing agreeement with us after 18 months of approaches. It seems to me that they are a very dishonest company, I'm not surprised by Universal's allegations.


Go Paul!


Yeah I now several companies who have failed to make a deal with Grooveshark, so I've lost my sympathy for that site (which is sad, cos its very beautiful and well working)...

Aghori Tantrik

heh now they cant promote their own artists and have no money, so lets take the rest of the money and give it to lawyers! way to go universal, take a hike, or promote some real talent the right way.


which is why I support SOPA.


except universal pays artists and grooveshark doesn't (facepalm)

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