How To Add Your Tracks To Vimeo Video Music Store

image from www.google.comThis guest post is by Matt Voyno, co-author of The New Rockstar Philosophy book and blog. 

Have you heard about the Vimeo Music Store where you can legally license and purchase music to add to your Vimeo videos? This is big news because Vimeo is a popular site for stylish, cool, and engaged video creators. That means that they care about the sound and the quality of the music in their videos.

…users obtain a Creative Commons license or buy licenses for non-commercial and commercial use. At the start, Vimeo is offering more than 45,000 tracks from many genres. Users can search the library of available tracks by genre or browse more than 100 categories like mood or tempo. (via Venture Beat)

But how do you add your tracks onto Vimeo Music Store?

… The largest amount of music comes Audiosocket, which controls a catalog of 33,000 songs from upcoming artists, and from FMA, which offers more than 11,000 tracks with a free Creative Commons license.  (via Venture Beat)

You have to apply to become a Audiosocket member as the company vets all the artists and tracks that they do business with. But don’t let that stop you from applying, just make sure you’ve got your shit together before sending in your tracks. Check out the videos below for a closer look at the whole thing.



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