iTunes Match Now Live In Apple iTunes Store

image from 7.mshcdn.comThe much anticipated iTunes Match has finally launched 14 days after Apple's self-imposed deadline of the end of October.  (Click on image on left to enlarge.) The $24.99 per year service functions alongside Apple's iCloud and allows uploading up to 25,000 iTunes and non-iTunes purchased songs onto Apple's servers for easy access on up to 10 computers and iOs5 devices. How To access iTunes Match:

  1. Be sure that you've downloaded the latest version -  iTunes 10.5.1.
  2. Click on the iTunes Match button which now appears in the right side bar of the main iTunes Store home page.

As of early afternoon subsrciptions were temporarliy unavailable "due to overwhelming demand". We'll share our reactions as we test the service and would love to know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. No, it’s just $25 a year. Unlimited number of songs bought from iTunes and up to 25K songs not from iTunes. It’s the cheapest music cloud storage service I have found. Compare with Amazon which is much more expensive.

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