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Kelli Richards’ Social Media For Music eBook Just $3.99 Today Only

image from don't normally due blattant pitches for book's seminar's, etc. But after downloading Kelli Richard's eBook Taking the Crowd to the Cloud - Social Media for the Music Industry to be supportive on her Kindle launch day and spending time with it, I'm going break my rule.  I won't tell you that this is the only rescource on social media for musicians. But Kelli Richards is an industry vet (btw, don't forget today's the real Veteran's Day in the U.S.) who fights the music marketing fight every day; and to grab the most up to date information for $3.99 is a bargain.

Kelli's guide covers all the usual modern marketing avenues from a musician's perspective: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogging, email marketing and even MySpace. There are also chapters on less utilized recources like Blog Talk Radio, Linkedin, Meetups and live event networking. Along the way, there are examples and short case studies.

Finally, she takes a look at several of the major players in ditect to fan marketing including ReverbNation, Topspin and Nimbit as monetization tools. It's all there. But don't just read about it. Use it.

$3.99 today only:Taking the Crowd to the Cloud - Social Media for the Music Industry