Live Blogging Today’s Spotify Announcement

image from're live blogging today's Spotify announcement at 11:45AM. Read the latest from journalists and pundits sharing what they say will be announced here.  Follow the live blog and comment after the jump.

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  1. I think the open API for developers is a lock and I’m really excited about that, but I am uncertain that it’s big enough…I’m anxious to see what’s up their sleeves, as I am sure just about the whole world might be as well.

  2. @Bruce
    No. I don’t see what’s so different . . . instead of posting a link to spotify, you can now embed it in a page . . . . whoop-tee doo!
    This will help filtering . . . now the pitchfork audience can get pitchfork music . . . and it helps spotify “sell” the streams.
    But no, this wasn’t big.


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