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What are the chances they are going to announce that all reporting will be transparent & fair ?


Don't we wish.


Special Guests? hmmm

Jeff Serafine

I think the open API for developers is a lock and I'm really excited about that, but I am uncertain that it's big enough...I'm anxious to see what's up their sleeves, as I am sure just about the whole world might be as well.

Jeff Serafine

By the way, this blogging platform is actually pretty nice. I hope you do more of these.


why don't you have video of this



what the video live right now. I found it in mashable.


they were right the did the app thing


If you would rather watch for yourself than have Bruce play gatekeeper, watch the stream on ustream.tv with the password "l0vemus1c"


Lovin the Gerd Leonhard quotes there - 'music like water'


meant to say "

Bruce Houghton

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Over the course of the live blog more than 1000 people stopped by.

What do you think of the "new" Spotify? Was this "big"?



No. I don't see what's so different . . . instead of posting a link to spotify, you can now embed it in a page . . . . whoop-tee doo!

This will help filtering . . . now the pitchfork audience can get pitchfork music . . . and it helps spotify "sell" the streams.

But no, this wasn't big.

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