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While artists are at it (this goes for everyone actually) ax the automated music. Literally no one likes that!

David Dufresne

Heh that was Quick Fix #1 http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2011/10/musician-website-quick-fix-1-turn-off-auto-start-music.html
Ideas for the next ones?

Clyde Smith

I heartily support both quick fixes to date!

Jay Tillery

Here's a tip. Instead of just having one intro page, why not create a few different ones and use Google Website Optimizer or Kissmetrics to A/B test between each to see which one gives you the best outcome.

David Dufresne

Not a bad idea, Jay, but usually a band website isn't focused on only one main goal (ie, in our - Bandzoogle - case, user sign up).

The site needs to work for both a first time visitor who wants to check out a track or 2, an old fan that wants to see the latest tour dates, someone who wants to buy the new EP, a blogger that needs to "borrow" a bio and high-res picture, etc. you get my drift.

Since the goals of the site are very diverse, a/b testing isn't as effective. You could always test against your main call-to-action (topic of an upcoming Quick Fix post), but unless your traffic volume is very high, I would be careful in interpreting the results.

One quick thing to look at, though, is the effect of having an intro page (vs. removing it) on your bounce rate in Analytics.

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