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Great article. People are coming back to their senses.
Indie musicians have been brainwashed by snake-oil social media "experts" who keep pushing the fairy tale that you can build an audience by spending all your time facebooking and tweeting...
Social media can be great to keep contact with parts of your audience, not to build one, and never to be the center of your strategy. ( Yes there are exceptions, but that's why they are called exceptions ). On facebook & co, you're just a guest in a house maintained by a neurotic host that changes his mind every day on wether you can stay or not ( see the changes on how Facebook now disses newsfeeds of pages with less than a few thousand fans)


You made very good points there, the recent facebook updates isn't making a lot of people happy at all.


Hey! I like the article you posted here! It's definitely important for any artist to have a website because like you said; they own it, so they can provide the information the believe is most important to fans. I also love the example provided for needing an email address, and I too think that music speaks for itself so no amount of "puffery" on or offline will make up for terrible content.


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