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Question. What if your music is distributed by someone else. Can this service apply or not.

Pimpy C

Another question.

What if an artist is signed to a large independent label, still owns his publishing, but has a deal in place with a service that reps/pitches the pub side to film/TV/ad agencies.

Can this artist still use the Tunecore admin service to collect royalties?

Bruce Houghton

UPDATE: Tunecore says you need to distribute through them to use the new songwriter royalty service, but that will change.


Hey Bruce - possible to correct "Toady's" to "Today's" http://ow.ly/7gQxS


Need to be distributed through TuneCore at this time, although that will change, but we are not exclusive


If you have a co-pub deal with a major publishing company can you still utilize tunecore?

Diego McCartney

The man does not blink, does he.

Limpy Lee

Oh snap. Thass FUNNY yo! Not one blink!


Hope the TuneCore Songwriter Help Section assists http://pub.help.tunecore.com/

jeff price

I know! I don't blink in that video. Freaked the hell out of me. I was working too hard to remember what the heck I was supposed to say.


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