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The Turntable.fm novelty has worn off already.

Clyde Smith

As novelty always does. Any successful company has to move beyond that stage. It's Turntable's ball to drop and it's going to come down to revenue.


Is it just me or is Seth painfully gritting his teeth as he says nice words about the major labels!

Clyde Smith

I've noticed that most of the leadership of companies that have to work with major labels tend to be rather euphemistic about what a brutal process it can be to work out licensing deals. And he's in the midst of it so I bet those teeth are getting a workout!

Jonathan Jaeger

Regardless of whether the novelty has worn off, the question is whether the experience provides for a better curated listening environment than something like Pandora or Spotify. I would much rather use Turntable to passively listen (with the occasional banter in the chat room). However I usually spend more time discovering music on other music platforms.

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