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What Music App Would Rock Your World? Midem Hack Days Wants To Know

image from industry meg-gathering midem will play host to the second edition of its hack day from January 28 – 30. Like Music Hack Days elsewhere, about 30 global developers and hackers globe will be given 48 hours to create new music applications. With the number of music related APIs exploding, the hacks created at these marathons have grown from just fun to useful, with some driving business expansion and new startups.

Midem's call for ideas runs now through early January, and is open to all midem participants including artists, labels, managers and technologists. The goal is to offer anyone in the industry the opportunity to share a wish-list of tools they’d like to see developers create.

Imogen Heap Inspires Soundcloud's "Take Questions"

The 2011 midem hack day produced ten apps including Soundcloud'sTakes Questions”, which became available shortly after midem. The app emerged a collaboration between singer/songwriter Imogen Heap and developers, and allows artists to communicate directly with fans in a simple audio question and answer format.

This year, up to 20 of the best ideas will be picked by midem organisers, and the person suggesting each app will present their ideas to developers during the opening session on January 28th. At the end of the midem hack day, those apps developed will be presented to the public during Visionary Monday.

The closing date for submission of ideas is 4 January 2012. To access the entry form, click here. Developers wishing to participate should click here.

What music app would rock your world?

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