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Getting your product in a store should at least crack the top 5 since Neilson/Soundscan still shows CD selling 2 to 1 over digital ablums. As well since retail sales are a positive and store just didn't disappear and nor will CD's or humanity for that matter both of which have been predicted to end in 2012.

So planning for beyond 2012 having physical distribution needs to be considers. We also know for the same NARM webinar given by Neilson/Soundscan that consumers fans when they are in stores prefer to buy~ new "local" music as discovery is still part of the magic that is music and there is nothing wrong with selling physical.

The fans never once said give me only one way to experience music so why not give them everything they want, when they want, how they want it. Just in time clicks to bricks.

fran snyder

Has anyone gotten a gig through slowbizz.com?
And let's be clear, they are not the first global HC website.


I've always wondered why bands don't use their own affiliate links to iTunes/Amazon/etc for the buy links on their websites. Is it against thier ToS or something?

And extra few percent of each sale goes a long way!


;-) to Fran Snyder: just take 5 minutes of your time to read the presentation of Slowbizz before asking a pointless question like this. We will only start organizing the gigs when the network will be ready on a global scale. No need to rush, hence the name. We're maybe not the first house concerts network (I would even admit you were the pioneer in this field) but we're the first one which has a real global ambition , acting as a platform between artists&hosts, beyond the north American market (I know you've made some incursions in the UK, but very modest when compared to your importance in the US/Canada). So, instead of giving us the impression of feeling bitter, you could maybe offer to partner in a way, it will be more productive & more useful for the artistic community ;-) By the way, we will announce very soon partnerships with other existing networks. Cheers & happy new year.

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