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May I add that in 2011 the payout per stream grew 240%! from $0.0026 to $0.0063.

Time to throw the Lady Gaga story and the informationisbeautiful graph in the recycle bin.

Sorry for bringing this up again

Michael Anderson

Since they won't give out actual numbers, what is your proof on that? Also, have any *artists* seen a 240% increase? Or any at all? Or is it all more power to the greedy labels?


I run a small label myself and have published the Spotify statements for over a year now. Check my blog for the Q3 data http://www.spotidj.com/blog/?p=390

Sally Go Rough

that varies from label to label. i've seen statements from my colleague's labels showing $0.004.

please stop pronouncing your personal experience as if it's universal fact


It's not just personal experience.

I have also seen statements from other labels and artists. It doesn't vary from label to label but from aggregator to aggregator. For some tiers artists even get $0.0111 per stream. In average the pay out is about $0.0063 (and rising).

My point is that the pay out is better than most people think it is.

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just 157 streams to equal 1 digital sale then?
happy days are here!

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