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Rob Record

Pirated, Counterfiet - these words are intentionally misleading. C'mon US government, get with the times - art wants to be free. Stop taking cues & bribes from lobbyists.


So artists shouldn't be paid for their work?


this goes way beyond the simple argument of "the artist should get paid" and "everything should be free". yes artists should be funded to continue their work, but there is a lot of greed in business that is pretty obvious by now. the big corporations and industries don't want the evolution of digital media to happen without them because they are greedy, and they want all the monies, "sad but true" (ironic quote?). services like Spotify i think are only scratching the surface of the new digital media delivery, and we need to evolve in that direction, but as long as the fighting continues, evolution will be stifled.


It's their own fault (record industry and other greedy industries) for not paying attention. When the original free Napster was in full swing, the record executives had their heads up their derriere and didn't even know what an mp3 file was

Now in cases where people in the industry leak files out that haven't been released, that seems quite mean spirited, because most mp3 files on file sharing sites come from an original copy that's been purchased first, at least in the USA. Elsewhere around the world, illegal file sharing is way more rampant.

Even if you are someone like Madonna, Diana Ross, U2, if you take a look at their books, most of their sustainable lucrative earnings have come from their live performances and merchandising. Madonna made $320 million in one year from her live performances and marketing, but she also is a very smart business person.

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I agree with the fact that artists should be paid for their work but at the same time they need to adapt to the digital age and get with the program. In one way I see a mp3 download is one more potential follower / fan / customer if they like the song.

So in that sense, if I copy some songs for someone, then that person becomes a huge fanatic and buys all their albums and attends concerts and the whole time promotes they're new found favorite artist, then I would say sharing that song did good for the the artist and the consumer.

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