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What we've been saying at The New Rockstar Philosophy since the beginning. YouTube is more engaging.


Great post. I agree the real value of like is the ability to share your music and message with fans. As the post points out only 10% of you fans will see your post so to reach 10,000 fans you will need 100,000 likes. Not good. Very costly and out of reach for most artists. We created Headliner.fm to solve this problem. Get the value of a like for free by having other artsits share your music and message with their fans the same way you would if you bought 100,000 likes via the Facebook ad platform or Reverb Nations. Headliner also focuses 100 % on engagements when your music is shared how many people are checking you out.


Mike More
CEO and Founder of Headliner.fm

Dan Salter

Great work and wise words as ever Robin (I think you wrote this Robin?)


Great article. Yes, my experience has told me that a lot of work on facebook yields minimum results. Then there's the concern of over spamming people in order to further your reach which just makes them hide you anyway. A pretty fruitless endeavour that is hard to gauge. Definitely food for thought.

Many thanks.


SALUTE! GENERAL PHLINT Here. Ive worked with All of these sites and Facebook is Far more Reiable and acceptable for musicians becuz Everyone os There. Reverbnation is a Waste of Time becuz only musicians know of them. Plus you can only upload your music at 192 thus Lowering the Clarity of your music. Bandcamp.com makes it easier and more personable with your music, Facebook,and Fans. Facebook is gonna be here Just as Long as Youtube. We Already have different sites like Ustream to broadcast Live and we're into More and More Entertainment. Dont hate Facebook for the Like System, cuz it works for what it is. Artist just need to be more savvy and push Every site.


Great post Robin.

Jamming Vegas

grat post here;


You touched on something that is a lot of bands or musicians forget. The evolution of the internet has created a visual society where people would rather see something as opposed to hear about it. Some of the older bands/musicians can bypass the YouTube route because their fans are creating visual content for them. I love the post and I love the insight.


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