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I wouldnt let anyone with a name like Kim Dotcom sell my music

Erik Peterson

lol...I was about to say the same thing.


i wouldnt care if his name was the queen of sheeba - if he sells artists music with 90% back i think the phrase "cutting off your nose to spite your face" springs to mind ;)

Mario Van Peebles

I'm all for disruptive business models, but this guy seems shady - I wouldn't trust him or his company with handling the sales of my artist's music.

From Wikipedia:

Kim Schmitz (born January 21, 1974), also known as Kimble[1] and Kim Dotcom,[2] is a German computer criminal and businessman who has generated much publicity and was convicted of credit card fraud, computer fraud, insider trading, and embezzlement. Schmitz is also one of the leaders of the website Megaupload.[3]


A man convicted of credit card and computer fraud is exactly the type of guy you want handling your business transactions!


please spell check before publishing. You are the worst offender.


Well, if there was anyone who could actually give the majors a run for their money, it would have to be another bona fide crook.

His credentials are outstanding.

I'm keeping an eye on this.

Steven Finch

After playing around with Megabox.. it really isnt a Topspin or Bandcamp competitor


90% of... free downloads ? where are the earnings ? well well...

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