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Steven Finch

Bruce, Im surprised you havent noticed that our service has been offering such a service for the past 2 years. Get on to Spotify for Free (no upfront fees). Check it all out on http://routenote.com

But... there's a catch

(from the Spotmeup site)
"We don't pay for any streams."

In order to have them put you on Spotify for free, you must sign an agreement that allows Spotmeup to keep 100% of your streaming royalties for themselves (excluding compulsory performance royalties that go to the songwriter and publisher via the PROs).

Kind of an important point, me thinks.


Spotify is great consumer service, but a apples to apples real income streams for content owners it is not.

PANDORA: $0.0025 per stream... 1/400th of a cent.

SPOTIFY: If you listen to an album 1,000 times (once a day for 3 years!) the artist earns $29.47.


You might want to check the spelling on your site. "Receive" is spelled incorrectly.

Also, under your free account, is iTunes included?

Steven Finch

With SpotMeUp it seems the offer is:

# artists keep 100% of downloads...

p.s. Spotmeup keeps 100% of your streaming royalties if you use their service

Bruce Houghton

UPDATE: I'm researching this site more deeply and will have a follow up soon. Many of those commenting above appear to be correct.


Any artists that gives up 100 percent of their rights needs to have their head checked and if they have management ~fire them.

Chad Blinkers

RouteNote looks poorly designed! Not a company I can take seriously. Also they try to mimic TuneCore & CD Baby. Why not just stick to one model? You're confusing us artists!

eye vee



Are you nuts ? I had my music up on Spotify for 2 years with another distributor (dont mention any names ), and my music was played around totally 1200 times, i paid totally around 94 USD for the 3 years, to have my music up on Spotify. Do you know how much i earned ? I LOST 60 USD!!

It did cost me more that i earned, so i really understand this business model. I agree that it does not work for normal established artists but it sure do for upcoming bands or unknown bands who use it as great promotion


I agree with you, ive been in the same situation where it did cost more than streams gives. Seems like theres a lot of nubes here!


ha hahaha "Any artists that gives up 100 percent of their rights needs to have their head checked and if they have management ~fire them."

Do you even know what you're talking about ?

Theres a HUGE difference in RIGHTS AND STREAMS, nobody is giving away any rights, maybe YOU should get you head checked or at least your eyes...


This sounds like a scam, read the FAQ, they don't pay artists for streams, only for downloads!
Considering that 99% of Spotify revenue is generated from streams...


RouteNote helps over 15,000 artists worldwide and growing rapidly. We are the only distributor to offer both a FREE and Premium version, so artists can maximise their revenues! Artists come first...



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