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As a regular user of Grammy365.com I can say that artists that communicate using it have a much better chance getting noticed. Gotta fish where the fish are.


I've never heard of GRAMMY365.com I guess I better get on it...! But good for her I hope more artist do it too !


WOW! Once this idea spreads, GRAMMY365 will probably inhibit the use of adding voters as contacts. Otherwise, more artists will be nominated for Grammys, even little Timmy down the street. Maybe not though, because voters have to some what like your music to cast a vote.


My friend's band got nominated two years ago for a Grammy and they had a very small fan base and no online presence. They're manage had contacts and got them nominated is all. When I discovered this it really became a reality check. I'll check this site out either way for networking purposes.

Free album download at www.facebook.com/chancius

Scott S.

Nobody mentioned that it costs 100 dollars to become a member.


My understanding is that Linda Chorney joined Grammy365 in Feb 2011, after completing a year of recording ,editing , and mastering Emotional Jukebox..the recording was of quality which matched that of a big label. This was able to be completed because of the backing of a long time fan and friend, The Roc Doc.. This "Passion Project" was not intended for Comercial release, but to be sold to her large personal fan base..some Sponsers from the 5 previous albums, some at shows, and some from the Indi distribution of various outlets.
With alot of pushing from the early listeners, she was coxed to submitt this album for consideration,NAND did so in 8 categories..
Grammy committee reviewed the submissions, and they were accepted in each category. Voting members were contacted and asked to consider her music, they voted and she made it into Americana surrounded by legends.

Yes this is a great story, but it is more about the music than anything else..do yourself a favor and search it out, listen to Emotional Jukebox and the other 75 published songs, then feel free to be the critic. You might just understand why this recording and this artist has scaled this enormous mountain.

It's about time that great independent music can get exposed to the masses, where it was once controlled by corporations

Mike Lardy

Hell yes. It was, is, and always will be about quality music.


Love Grammy365 and its networking opportunities! Such a smart move!


good for you , best to you

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