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Aaron Gibson

Business is an iffy topic for many genuine artists, as most music/art minded folks only dive into the business part as a means to continue their artistic work. Though I am very open minded when it comes to contrast in art, "Score a Hit" topples the walls of pretense that pop is still music/art.



Wonder how this stacks up to Jay Frank's system(s)

He's basing a new business model around the concept...

In the end, it's pretty apparent that if one wants to play it safe, and try to score big there's an equation you can follow, the KLF wrote about it 20 years ago in their manual.

That hasn't changed in decades, what has changed is the entire way humans interact with the world around them...let alone the music they listen to. If there's a way to identify and quantify that variable of the equation, and how it effects things, well heck.

That's something to talk about.

Quang Ly

This service should be merged with Apple's Garage band for iOS with Smart Instruments. This way you can immediately know whether you should continue writing the next bar.




Has Jay Frank or these guys made a song and have it become a hit yet?


This software does not account for the fact that "hits" are driven a LOT by promotion. Almost 80% by promotion. A lot of trash (songs with those "rented rappers") has scored well on the charts thanks to incessant promotion at the cost of all other music. Hence, the idea that these guys can predict hits is very questionable. They might be able to assess quality based on harmonic structures etc. but predicting hits is a "pipe dream".

Chris Crum

Timbaland knows the way to reach the top of the charts.


You're spot on!!!

Mojo Bone

Ever heard the term, "turntable hit"? Talking motion pictures were once a pipe dream, so I think the statistical technique(s) may eventually develop merit, but you'd have to control for a helluva lot of record label, independent radio promo and retail skullduggery. All of this whiz-bang tech is based on faulty human charts, despite the advent of SoundScan and any number of fast-fourier analyses involved.

Musical tastes are also known to migrate over time. Ah, but what wonders of audio shall our offspring behold...er, behear, should we ever devise an accurate chart?

lady miss kier

they left "soul" out of the equation. and therfor this is a bunch of BS in the end.- Lady Kier from deee-lite

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