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Jason Spitz

I love Pretty Lights, and though most artists should be wary of giving up too much leverage to a service like BitTorrent, this seems like a really good fit.


The stars really aligned for this guy, and best to him. He shows a perfect example of success in the new industry. But the "recipe" does not mention his early beginnings with a successful event promoter in CO, which rapidly launched his successful touring career. Most of us are not playing Coachella taking home 5 figures per show. My album was downloaded over 60k times on Demonoid in the last year, and i struggle to keep my rent paid. So, as exciting as PL's success is, it should not be mistaken as a universally applicable formula for DIY success.


That goes without saying. If there were ever a universal formula for success, it would no longer be universal, because everyone would be doing it, the landscape would be overcrowded, and consumers would no longer respond to it. Of course there are different factors affecting everyone. That disclaimer could be appended to every success story. I think it's implicit at this point.

The only thing universal about success is the traits that embody the people who achieve it: persistence, follow through, thoughtfulness, etc.

Hisham Dahud

To give an update on this story:

This special media-bundle between Pretty Lights & BitTorrent has reached #1 on Pirate Bay's Top 100 list - meaning that it's presently one of the most downloaded pieces of media on the entire Internet right now!


Some very useful comments Glenn, about as useful as the article itself.

Bottom line: giving away all of our music is not a solution to any problem.

If you are PL, making sample based copyright-infringing music, making a nice living as a DJ, then it would appear to be the right solution.

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