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Old Record Guy

Sony has had it's lunch eaten by Samsung and Apple, the brand has way less value than it did a decade ago, largely because they're too big, too dysfunctional and not hungry enough to roll up their sleeves, rebuild and get creative. They should stop talking about doing things, and actually do them. When was the last time Sony impressed the marketplace with ANY product or service?

I remember when Sony was doing their Connect service, which was supposed to be Howard Stringer's "Thumb In Steve Jobs' Eye" (internally described as such) - they don't get it, they never will, they're all blowing each other and telling each other they're geniuses at Sony, they never accomplished the obvious and leveraged Playstation effectively, the service is going to tank and this guy is going to be turned into a pariah and shitcanned from Sony like everyone who's gone before him.

Sadly, Sony's gone from being an innovative, lean company to something a lot more like a 70 year old woman who's gotten excessive plastic surgery, wears a bad wig, and tells herself she still looks 20 years old.


this Sony guy needs to wake up.

Young Turk

No way Old Record Guy! Tim Schaff is going to do something great! It takes a while to turn a massive ocean liner travelling at high velocity. Mr. Schaff is an excellent captain. Wait and see...

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