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8 Things Spotify Could Do Right Now To Show They Care About Musicians

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This guest post is by Gavin Castleton, a songwriter and producer from Portland, OR.

1. Promote “Buy Now” links on album pages and next to individual tracks.

2. Allow artists to edit their own profiles.

3. Display links to artists’ websites, FB pages, twitter profiles, etc.

4 . Allowing users to “Like” and “Follow” an artist right from the Artist page.

5. Allow users to sign up for artists’ email list from the Artist page.

6. Serve ads in a way that did not encourage users to interrupt their listening mid-album/playlist in order to listen to or do something else.

7. Pay independent artists the same rates as major label artists (One could argue that major labels should be paid lower rates than independents, since their overall revenue from Spotify is offset by an 18% share of the company).

8. Pay artists a flat fee for their streams, instead of tying their royalty rate to advertising revenue over which the artist has no control. Artists should not be taking on risk along with Spotify unless they’re also given stock options in the company. The current Spotify model treats artists like investors but without any long-term benefits.