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Well , you're basically describing music as a software application. There are already a few good ones out there , especially on the iOS platforms ( the Bjork ones are fantastic)
But if you want true interactivity, connectivity etc.. you can't expect a common format, like what a CD or an mp3 file is. Because there is basically no such thing as a software format. Each platforms has it's own format. Software developped for iOS can't run on Androids ( and vice-versa), software for Windows can't play on OSX, wich in turn can't run on Linux, etc.. And it's not going to change anytime soon.

And if you want this new format to really become succesful , it needs to be a common one. The only thing that comes even close is perhaps the HTML/CSS/Javascript combination ( same thing that runs in your web browser), but you still need to adapt it to EACH platform, unlike a simple mp3 wich can run almost universally ( precisely because it's not a complex file)
I think there was already a thread about this here a few months ago , but the bottom line is that developping applications is a very , very hard thing to do, and very expensive to develop. It's certainly out of reach for most ordinary people ( heck, i know some musicians that are still battling with how to use their email application).
And for this to really become a success , you need a format that can last ,for a little while, not something that will get replaced every x weeks by a new competing format, forcing people to rewrite completely their applications over and over again..

Music as software is certainly an interesting avenue to explore, but right now i don't see how this could become the new standard format for downloaded/owned music ( as opposed to streamed music)


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