DJ Shadow’s 13 Secrets For Music Business Survival

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In time for Friday January 13th, DJ Shadow shares 13 secrets for music business survival. After 18 years,  beginning with his debut acclaimed by Mixmag as The Greatest Dance Album Of All Time and onto working with the likes of Thom Yorke and Tom Vek, DJ Shadow shared his hard earned wisdom with GQ UK.


DJ Shadows 13 Secrets For Music Business Survival

1.    Listen to the advice of those who've gone before you
2.    Realize when you've made a mistake – like turning down Apple…
3.    Expect to hear your music in strange places
4.    Enjoy the minutiae
5.    Keep yourself mysterious to fans
6.    Touring doesn't make as much as you think
7.    Defy Spinal Tap with your stage show
8.    Embrace the oddity of streetwear
9.    Go to where the work is
10.  Respect the craft
11.  Reissues take a lot of work
12.  Keep up with technology
13.  Always have another project

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  1. I think it´s possible to survive without point 3. and 8. 7 is a good point though. keep the standards of your live shows at a high level. be unique. and be realistic with your expectations regarding income. for most of the bands and artists it´s a must. could imagine his production costs per show are relatively high.

  2. 6. Touring doesn’t make as much as you think
    that sucks! coming from shadow makes that even more depressing considering he’s big on touring

  3. i think that has to do wit the expenses involved in staying on the road, especially when u gotta bring people with u. If ur not booked every night, i can see it bein’ a struggle..

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