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Deborah E

Thank you, Hisham. I've been "saying this" for a long time. You have articulated, so well, the need to be human and relational. Yes, the fans want to know us as people. Assuming we are people worth knowing, it just adds that much more value to our music.



Totally agree with the article. Fans would love to hear about other areas of an artists life, their creative process, things they enjoy, etc.

Most die hard fans connect with an artist for other reasons than their music. It might be their creativity, the way they write, the things they enjoy, etc.

You could also take your thoughts and expand them to off-line experiences as well, i.e. during shows, etc.

Thanks again,

Hisham Dahud


This can totally be applied to the live setting. However, interestingly enough, I've found that live bands don't do enough "selling" on stage. Rare is it that I heard bands give us their name more than 1-2 times while on stage, the website given out (if at all), and incentives to purchase merchandise.

But then again, not many artists think like marketers - and that's OK. It's just important to take the most advantage of that limited time when fans have your complete and undivided attention.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for sharing! I can certainly attest to the truth in this article! Can't really add anything else to it. We come across artists ALL of the time, on BOTH sides of the fence that just don't get this! Thx again!

Benjamin Wade Inman
Nashville, TN


Good stuff Hashim.


*Hisham - my apologies (still waking up).

Hisham Dahud

Thanks for reading!

Charles Neal

All very Interesting that's for sure,I knew alot of it,But a few things I did'nt,and that tells me alot,It's just like meetings I goto for Instance,even if you walk away,and only fo t one thing out of it,It was well worth It,That's for sure,Thanks!

Erik (12 Bar Blues)

Great reply! You are right on the money saying that during a band's live show more should be done to market the band. When I'm on stage with my band, I always try to fit between songs, the band name, available albums and web links. It's a difficult process to get used to. At first, in my opinion, we as artist tend to shy away from marketing the and during live concerts. We must take the time to do it and in the long run, it will pay off. The real fans desire that info. http://www.12barblues.net

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