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Hypebot Writer Blacklisted By NAMM After Critical Review: Robin Davey Responds

I posted a critical review of NAMM 2012 on Hypebot a couple of days ago and was met with this response by NAMMs Director of Marketing and Communications, Scott Robertson.

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“I know someone's name who isn't going to make next year's badge list.” he continued “If it helps, about 96,000 people had a really great time at the NAMM Show. ...And then there's you. Way to swim against the stream!”

One would think that an organization such as NAMM would have a far more professional approach to dealing with negative reviews than the childish and callow response that Mr. Robertson displayed.

Indeed other non-NAMM affiliates did give thoughtful responses to my article, pledging their support for the event. Any PR person worthy of their position would realize that, if people are making your case for you, then their word is far more likely to be effective than that of an employee, or indeed the Head of Marketing and Communications.

In responding in the manner he did, Mr. Robertson also confirmed the assumption I made in my article, that NAMM is a purveyor of an old school elitist attitude. How more elitist can you be then banning those who dare criticize the organization?

It is this spoilt and passé approach that I felt an overwhelming sense of during my attendance of the show, and it is very interesting that it obviously continues up through the ranks. The prepubescent “backslappery” attitude exuded by Robertson makes the shambolic and incoherent nature of the actual show floor even clearer. It seems like there is very little A&R involved, meaning stall holders appear to be shoved in which ever corner they are given.

Would the violins departments really be happy being placed next to the drums? Or the accordion booth be over the moon at its woefully disjointed positioning in the entrance hall alongside Roland and Boss? I would love to be more specific as to which manufacturer this was, but the floor plan provided on their website seemingly omits them from the show floor, and is as confusing to navigate as the show itself.

Mr Robertson I am sure enjoys his comfortable status as one of the NAMM elite, hobnobbing with all the famous and respected musicians that the show attracts. He probably thinks that I am not famous or influential enough to charm with his NAMM expense accounts and all access passes. And of this I am very grateful, because it is not positions of power that I look for when choosing my socializing circles.

I am all too aware that those who look for friends in high places fail to realize that someone who looks down on you is not your friend.

Is it lonely at the Top Mr Robertson?

Robin Davey is an Independent Musician, Writer and Award Winning Filmmaker. Follow him on Twitter @mr_robin_davey