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Instagram-screenshotThough Diaspora may seem like an unnecessary social network and Pinterest may or may not be your style, what about an incredibly popular photo app that's also a social network? Instagram is an iPhone picture sharing app that currently has 14 to 15 million users and the ability to post one's pics to other social networks. With an Android app on the way, Instagram may be an excellent way to expand upon what should already be a core music marketing process, taking and sharing lots of photos. Here are some additions to our previous look at Visual Music Marketing On Instagram.


Zooey Deschanel's Merry Christmas on Instagram

Instagram is a wildly popular iPhone app that allows one to take photos, alter them with around a dozen filters and post them to Instagram as well as social networks from Facebook to Tumblr. The outlandish success of Instagram as an iPhone app suggests that there is much room for growth when they release an Android app and if they do more to develop their social network on the open web.

Numerous musicians have joined Instagram including Linkin Park and MC Hammer. MTV Hive recently featured Instagram shots of a few more.

Brenna Ehrlich's 10 Instagram Tips For Bands, By Bands serves as a reminder that social networking and visual marketing should by now be second nature for musicians with basic principles that can be applied across platforms:

  1. Share Across All Social Networks
  2. Come Up With a Photo Series
  3. Use Hashtags
  4. Use Instagram's API
  5. Go Viral -- Get New Fans
  6. Mundane Doesn't Mean Boring
  7. Choose Your Name Wisely
  8. Add Words To Your Pictures
  9. Check Out Some Alternatives
  10. Have Fun

Third party apps are also expanding Instagram's potential such as PhotoPile which offers an alternative display of one's Instagram pics.

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