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as a reply: here’s Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Michael Moore Is A Rich Man – Laugh Out Loud, a New Topical Song about the music industry’s buy-out of the Occupy Movement

Michel Montecrossa about the song:
“‘Michael Moore Is A Rich Man – Laugh Out Loud’ is a New-Topical-Song about a man of the 1% who pretends to be a man of the 99%. It’s an ironic song for occupy’s day without the 99%’. It’s about the music and movie industry of the 1% making a buy-out of the Occupy Movement, inviting the 99% to gladly become like the 1% through things like ‘Occupy This Album’ and stuff.”


Since the majority of distribution is now owned by the majors and they of course of Multi-National Corporations protest music about them is not going to get very far now is it. ERGO BuyIndieSupportLocals.org and stop entertaining our economy to death.

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