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Odd Future Joins The Pop-Up Store Craze

Watch-the-throne-popup-via-bigredrobotNews that Odd Future are planning pop-up stores while on tour is the latest in a growing range of such temporary retail shops, many of which have been developed for music events. Though some may consider this a trend, pop-stores or shops are now well-established and could be thought of as an option for taking the merch table to another level at a time when music merch is become more important than ever to working musicians.

I initially hoped the news about Odd Future's pop-up stores on their upcoming tour (dates and locations to be announced) would be reasonably interesting but all I can find so far are one-line references and coverage of their LA store which was scheduled to be up for a month for the Christmas season.

I would have posted this video but it just shows some art on the outside entry and then some horsing around in the stockroom with not much about the shop. I guess that's typical for Odd Future but it's getting sort of boring unless you're in the cult.

Pop-up stores have been around long enough that calling them a trend is inappropriate. Online pop-stores are also appearing, for example, Target is developing The Shops at Target as 6 week pop-ups that are both in-store and online. The development of online pop-up stores is an interesting flip of the concept from local and limited to global and accessible though Brit's Pop-Up Shop, a permanent site featuring flash sales for Britney Spears merchandise, stretches the concept a bit far.

Here are some music-related pop-up stores from 2011 that offer some useful examples of the possibilities:

Treasure Island Pop-Up Shop

Treasure Island Music Festival expanded the idea of the pop-up shop beyond merchandise to include tickets sales (no service charge), a related photo exhibit and a series of events the weekend prior to the festival.

Watch The Throne Pop-Up Shop

Jay-Z and Kanye West's album, "Watch The Throne," got its own pop-up shop to celebrate its release. In addition to album sales, the reconfigured Maybach from Spike Jonez' video for "Otis" was on display.

Tikva Records: Pop-Up Jewish Record Store

Though the previous two examples promoted an event and a record release respectively, Tivka Records was a month-long installation in an art gallery by a member of the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation. It included Jewish music experts to discuss the vinyl on hand, a remix station allowing attendees to post their creations on Facebook and even a "10-seat movie theater screening restored Jewish musicals."

Pop-up stores offer an interesting way to turn the classic merch table into an event. Please share additional examples of your favorite pop-up stores in the comments.

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