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Songspin-logoSongspin.FM is a new web radio station that's off to a simple but effective start presenting genre-specific flows of music. They have an interest in featuring indie musicians and source their music through SoundCloud. If Songspin.FM develops a strong audience, it should definitely become a great place for marketing one's music. See below for music submission info and get in the mix.


Screenshot: Songspin.FM Home Page

Songspin.FM launched in September with a "minimum viable product" and one can see the emphasis on simplicity in the current version.

The home page features eight channels from Electronic to Country. Clicking through leads to one flow of tracks via SoundCloud along with, in some cases, artist bio, tour info and photos. A track download link leads to an Amazon sale as well as a ringtone option. Free accounts allow listeners to save tracks they like.

It's really that simple and I think they're off to a good start. The choice of music is pretty interesting and, I assume, reflective of their emerging editorial process of "hunting the internet for the best music from a wide variety of sources and pulling it all together in one place."

At least some of the site development seems automated. For example, photos of Beyonce included a couple of other black female artists as well. But part of being a "minimum viable product" is the process of discovering what makes a product "good enough" and Songspin.FM seems well along the way in figuring that out.

To have your music included, upload tracks to SoundCloud and then email:

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