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Matt Steffen

Great blog! I’m Matt from http://www.imprinsic.com and it’s good to get inspiration from fellow bloggers such as yourself. Stop by sometime! Thanks!

Caroline Bottomley

Useful stuff thanks Clyde. We're ramping up our blog activity on Radar. Content syndication is something we're very keen to build this year, it would useful to get an article about strategy, good practise etc for content syndication
best, Caroline

Matt Deegan

Hi Clyde,

Not sure my last message went through or not.

I was very interested to read this article as myself and two friends have just set up a blog based website for our charity record label.

We believe a blog is key because it acts as an online platform for various topics of interest, which may or may not directly relate to the label.

I personally think this will help the site to be seen as more of a hub of interesting information that people will visit to read exciting new articles. If they buy our CD while there then well.. that's a bonus, but we would hope they would re visit to keep updated and share the articles we do post through the various online channels.

It's www.watchtowerrecords.co.uk if you are interested in taking a look.

Thanks for a good read,


Karyn Ellis

Great points, thanks!

Here's another benefit:

For artists, blogging also allows you a little more creative stretch than can be achieved within the limits of status updates and tweets.

Helps me to keep the creative drive in the center, vital as an independent artist who must also wear most of the business hats in order to build my career.

I'm reconfiguring my social media strategy now, and this idea of keeping a centralized place for content is making more sense to me. We'll see how it works over the next few months.


Hump Jones

I started doing it recently to ground myself. To remind myself I'm a fan, too.

Blogging is, for the most part, really really stupid. There's very little upside in putting in the work necessary for quality content. There's even less upside in doing the token image/streaming player/2 sentences posts, because that happens 100 times per second in 2012, so what difference will yours make?

I think if you're looking to gain something, don't waste your time. If you're looking to learn something, definitely blog.

Clyde Smith

HJ, depends on what you're blogging and who you're trying to reach. Also what space you're working in.

Certain areas like rap and tech are so glutted that it's very difficult to get any attention there.

And, certainly in rap, quality content in the sense of in-depth, meaningful writing isn't what most people are looking for. That's why I got out once I lost interest in ProHipHop. That and the constant lowlife nastiness and stupidity.

But I think you're generally missing the point of my post. Maybe I didn't spell it out clearly enough. I never really have time or space to connect all the dots fully here.

Go back and check it out. Did I say you'd get famous or make money by just blogging alone? You can, but I didn't say that nor did I say that's a reason for a musician to blog.

So what did I say? Test on Monday!

Hump Jones

You asked for feedback and got some, that's my recap. We're good here.

Clyde Smith

Those were rhetorical questions. I was already done!

Clyde Smith

You're right, though. I asked, you answered.

I just don't agree with you.

Christian Sarono

I’m so amaze with this post where it contains ideas that I’ve been looking for. With these great ideas, I can apply this thing to my project. Thanks a lot for posting this one.


Amazingly written, blogging can help market an artist in a major way so I encourage all artists to use a blogging platform to gain more exposure!


M Vernege

I like this take on using blogs for artists, recently there have been a lot of negative stigma surrounding the hype to be actively using social media as a tool for musicians. I think the best part is that it can be used a central touch point for a lot of other platforms artists like to host content on. Definitely a worthy read here, given me another angle to be viewing the value of online presence.

Mark Lafay

I have been in the music business for over 10 years. Could not agree more. Thanks!

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